Spilling Red Wine Down Dresses EP

by Liam Dailey

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released March 1, 2008

Recorded at Alex's Wonderful Studios.
Produced by Alex Krepkikh.
Artwork by Liam Dailey.
Photo by Jimmy Alexander.

Liam Dailey: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica.
Alex Krepkikh: Bass, Percussion, Drum Programming.



all rights reserved


Liam Dailey Bennington, Vermont

Liam sings songs and stuff. He's been doing that for a while.

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Track Name: Crying For Something That Would Not Change With Time
You're the skeleton that hides itself in my closet
the monster that cowers beneath my bed
you're the mother that cried and the lover that died in my arms
the voice screaming on helium inside my head

I remember nights spent with you and the parties you three
spilling red wine down dresses self esteem off back terraces
crying for something that would not change with time
and I remember holding you close and crushing the rose
that you gave on my birthday to find the best way to say
that I love you but I have to move on

You skated over my frozen pond in winter
played at my beach in the hot sun
raked all the leaves that fell from my trees in dank autumn
waited under my umbrella 'til the rain was done

And I remember saying goodbye tears mingling in our eyes
standing out on the high rise body paralyzed
screaming that this all has to end
and I remember pleas to come down and a song being found
nights spent awake dreaming of your face
screaming I love you but I have to move on

Lover I love you but please let me down
Track Name: Girl of All Names Parts I & IV
And she'll make finger paintings
in my eyes and in my mind
trace the lines of my love with her breath
and then she'll draw the blinds
I press my face against the window
of the chamber where she entertained him
how he serenaded her
on admiration's violin

I came running down the hall
stumbled stopped until I fell
I saw his figure dark and tall
and he cracked this oyster's shell
I went whining to my cage
and they danced out to the hill
where he lies atop her in his rage
because he knows she loves me still

And she will reap the blossoms
of our sin where he sowed the seeds
out on the hilltop
but there's nothing there but glass and broken weeds
which cut her brittle feet
like the cuts he made upon her heart
and she'll come crawling back to me
bloody-kneed we'll pray in the dark

La da la da da da da da
she'll sing notes all ringing clear
from out her vacancies and thoughts
echoing from ear to ear
and I will cry beneath the bed
of my intolerable shame
where she will lie for ever more
the girl of all names

And so it would pass that she would grow up like her mother
drinking bourbon in the living room in an orange slicker
and she would feed the feral cats and coax them in out of the rain
And I always wondered if she would just be another
piece in a sculpture gallery of teenage mothers
she would relinquish her life but never your dreams

And she baths in the market square
plays with the children there
tells their fortunes for a coin
and they leave with their bellies full
saying she's beautiful
that old lady with no brains
what's her name

And at the liquor store she's known as Viola
and down at the asylum they call her sweet Delila
but only when she's atop the highrise out in the pouring rain
smelling tomorrow's bread from the Swedish bakery
and hearing down below her the crying of a baby
can she throw her head back howl in her anger and her pain

And she lets her eyes go slack
feels the patter pat
on her forehead in the drain
and they see her rising higher
bleeding the rooftop wire
like some prophet of the rain
crying what's a name
you are all the same
and I will quench all your flames
for I am of all and no names