Philbert's Theory

by Liam Dailey

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released July 24, 2009

Recorded on a pocket cassette recorder in various locations.
Produced by Liam Dailey.
Artwork by Liam Dailey.
Rear Cover photo by Vincent Lee.

Liam Dailey: Vocals, Guitars and synth programming.



all rights reserved


Liam Dailey Bennington, Vermont

Liam sings songs and stuff. He's been doing that for a while.

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Track Name: And So It Would Pass (Girl of All Names Part IV)
And so it would pass that she would grow up like her mother
drinking bourbon in the living room in an orange slicker
and she would feed the feral cats and coax them in out of the rain
And I always wondered if she would just be another
piece in a sculpture gallery of teenage mothers
she would relinquish her life but never your dreams

And she baths in the market square
plays with the children there
tells their fortunes for a coin
and they leave with their bellies full
saying she's beautiful
that old lady with no brains
what's her name

And at the liquor store she's known as Viola
and down at the asylum they call her sweet Delila
but only when she's atop the highrise out in the pouring rain
smelling tomorrow's bread from the Swedish bakery
and hearing down below her the crying of a baby
can she throw her head back howl in her anger and her pain

And she lets her eyes go slack
feels the patter pat
on her forehead in the drain
and they see her rising higher
bleeding the rooftop wire
like some prophet of the rain
crying what's a name
you are all the same
and I will quench all your flames
for I am of all and no names
Track Name: Happy Song
I want to climb to the top of a tree
get up as high as a body can be
see as far as the eye can see
and what then
well then I'll climb down again

I want to sail to the edge of it all
but I'll be careful not to fall
just want to see if there's anything there at all
and what then
well then I'll sail back again

I want to love you and you to love me
be as happy as a body can be
and I want to be old when the sun sets on me
and what then
well then it all starts over again
Track Name: Picturebook
When I was young I had a picturebook
and it was filled with pictures of all the different animals
and every time I read it I was scared
because somewhere in that picturebook there was a picture of an alligator
and every time I turned a page I thought he'd bite off all my fingers
so I never dared

And I guess that's how my life has gone since then
I hesitate at every bend
and I don't know when it's going to end
so I'll keep singing these songs of mine
and maybe everything will work out fine
maybe you'll consent to be my friend
Track Name: The Pot Song
I used to really admire people who smoked pot
because I thought they were hippies so they must care a lot
but now I realize most of them just like to smoke pot
they don't give a shit about peace love and understanding and all that other crap
Track Name: Untitled #4
She opens up her head and takes out all her dolls and fantasies
lays them out across the unmade bed and feeds them scones and tea
from her little plastic tea set that her dad gave her for Christmas
she weighs a cup between thumb and forefinger against the blisters
and the treasured spot upon his lap
where he told her that he loved her
and introduced her to the strap

She opens up her womb and pushes out the fruit of all her pain
cradles it beneath a breast all I can give you is a name
sees another's hungry eyes in that little crinkled face
sees another man another room another time and place
another night spent on the bed
where he told her that he loved her
and he left her there for dead
Track Name: Untitled #2
Last night I had the strangest dream
I was on my back and I couldn't breath
there was a foot pressing down on my throat
and in the darkened room I could not see
the face of my adversary
but I could hear the accusation when he spoke

You are one of more than three hundred million people
their hearts are empty their minds are feeble
but they've got an SUV and a big screen HDTV on the wall
what makes you more than another pissed off teenager
hating authority and prostrate to computers
what makes you think you have anything to offer at all

I see colors
and they're not the ones you see because you are not the same as me
nor ever shall be
I see colors
we're taught to call it red but to me it looks like blue
does anything beyond what we perceive hold any truth

Last night I had the dream again
I was in a room with all of my friends
and they were laughing and cheering as I strangled a man on the floor
I looked down and to my horror
it was like I was looking into a mirror
I ran screaming from the room they said what'd you stop for

I have seen them in their big houses
our future presidents and supreme court justices
but all their SAT prep courses don't teach them to sing
they've lost their voices they've lost their vision
they try to make colors but they just end up making themselves so sick
they can't see anything

I see colors
and they're not the ones you see because you are not the same as me
nor ever shall be
I see colors
when you're telling me
that I have nothing to see
and that I have nothing to be
and that I have nothing to give
you're telling me that I have no reason to live
Track Name: A Parable
When I hate
I make walls
I build walls

When I war
I forge binding chains
binding chains

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
we're only dust
it's what we leave behind us

When I'm untrue
my fruits whither and die
they rot and die

When I give up
I dig my grave
I dig my grave

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
we're only dust
it's what we leave behind us

When I love
my love burns bright
a beacon in the night
Track Name: Home
I've found a home
amidst the dirty thrift store sweaters
and the pile of letters in my head
that I shuffle round and round again
until I find the pattern I like best

I've found a home
and though I am alone here
there's always the night sky above my head
ice cream on cornflakes
and all of the things that I like best

Old guitars and football cards
the pile of books beside my bed
and in a box in my top dresser drawer
all the things you ever said

everything you ever said